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Thoughts from Minnie Driver

"The intent of the movie is to get people thinking about restorative justice and compassion."

"I had one experience in my life of being robbed. Which was terrifying. But the feeling of powerlessness I can speak to as I think everyone has experience that in their life.  Any program that offers an avenue of taking back your power, even if that is through sitting in a room with somebody and looking them in the eye. That's the redemption: You get to look someone in the eye and you say something to them and they hear you and they respond. I think we've really forgotten the power of apology. There is such power in forgiveness and compassion that I've experienced."


"It is incredibly important to acknowledge the rage. It is not going to an immediate place of joy and forgiveness. That may be the ideal where you want to end up. But there are many, many layers in that journey. Rage is an absolute part of that journey. For someone who is feeling desperate and powerless, rage is an absolute step up from that, would actually bring great relief."

Talk of the Nation, April 30, 2007

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